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Form SECI-05 visits of international delegations

Delegation information

Other delegates

Information of Visit Coordinator (Contact)

Contact info. in Costa Rica

Purpose of the visit

Monitoring plan for this visit

3. Future actions of interest to be developed


  1. Due to the large number of actions coordinated by the Office of International Affairs and External Cooperation, the information is required to be sent at least two months prior to the visit of the delegation.

  2. Please enclose to this form a brief and duly updated professional profile of each of the delegates and a passport-sized photograph.

  3. Each delegate participating in this visit will be responsible for obtaining a health insurance policy against accidents, public liability, medical evacuation and repatriation before leaving their country of origin. UCR does not assume any responsibility for costs related to accidents, illness, medical evacuation or repatriation of the visiting participants.

  4. Be sure to consult the following information regarding migration procedures and take into account that requirements may change at any time, based on provisions of the Department of Migration



The Office of International Affairs and External Cooperation (OAICE), is the dependency of the Rectory that is responsible for promoting the academic development of the institution by adhering to the opportunities that arise from the internationalization of higher education. It manages the training of teachers and senior officials abroad, promoting mobility in all its forms; teachers and students. 

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